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Cremora Liquid

Introducing Nestlé Cremora liquid creamer

To complement South Africa’s much-loved powdered Cremora coffee creamer, Nestlé SA has expanded the brand into the liquid non-dairy creamer category.

The non-dairy creamer Cremora has been part of South African coffee breaks since 1966, adding “It’s not inside, it’s on top!” advertising payoff line to the national lexicon.

In fact, you’ll find it in one out of five of the 1.6 million cups of instant coffee that are consumed in South Africa every hour, according to Nestlé.

“South African consumers have had a long-standing relationship with the Nestlé Cremora brand, and the new liquid creamer delivers on the rich and creamy indulgent promise that Cremora has always been known for,” says Nicole Roos, Business Executive Officer, Nestlé Coffee and Beverages, South Africa. 

“It’s available in two delicious flavours, vanilla and hazelnut, that both deliver on taste and allow people to experiment with flavours to bring in more excitement to their everyday coffee-drinking rituals.”

Nestlé Cremora liquid creamer comes in 250ml packs, offering 12 x 20ml servings. It retails at an RSP of R17,99 at major supermarkets.

The liquid Cremora packs a big sugary punch – 6.6g of sugar per 20ml serving (compared to 2.7g for normal Cremora).

The total kilojoule count per 20ml serving of Cremora Liquid is 225kj – 23% more than a serving of normal Cremora (183kj). 

It should be used within two weeks of opening.

This commentator notes: This is a welcome, but a surprisingly long-overdue, addition to the creamer category. And why only highly-sugared, flavoured options, when many consumers love creamy coffee but don’t want the heavy sugar or flavour hit?

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