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Gravity-defying £5m ad campaign for new Squash’d launch

The campaign, created by iris Worldwide, saw a crew of eight people flew 35,000 feet in the air and then plummeted 24,000 feet to create weightlessness. The team had just three minutes of zero gravity to film a water balloon being burst with a pin and Robinsons Squash’d being mixed with the water droplets in the air.

Helen Gorman, brand director at Britiv, told The Drum that Robinsons hoped to pull in a new audience of squash drinkers: “Squash’d is aimed at people who probably drank squash when they were little, then they leave home and they’re out and about a lot more, and therefore squash as it used to be isn’t convenient for them.

“One of the key things about Squash’d is that it appeals to people out there who don’t use it, particularly the working people of Britain who don’t want to carry a great big bottle of squash to work.”

She added that much of the £5m campaign will be focused on digital channels: “Rather than relying on TV we are relying a lot on digital outdoor – so the panels on the Tube and across digital screens at Euston and Piccadilly that demonstrate the product.

“The thing that’s different here is that when you look at the pack of Squash’d it might not be immediately obvious what it is, so we’ve got a lot of live action advertising demonstrating how it works. Off the back of the zero-gravity film we are working with four vloggers and asking them to take some Squash’d and look at extreme ways they would use it.”

Britvic estimated that the water enhancer category will be worth £200m and is relying on its brand name to beat off competition from rival pocket squash producer Vimto, which launched a similar product earlier in the year. Gorman added that the “exciting programme of activity” planned around Squash’d would ensure it would claim market leadership.

Britvic has also announced that UK sales of soft drinks hit £10bn in 2013 for the first time and Gorman revealed that the drinks producer has an ambition to “play globally” in the family, adults and kids category.

“If you look at the emerging needs of those three people from a soft drinks perspective there is huge opportunity to innovate,” She said. “We’ve called out that we want to be the most creative, dynamic and admired soft drinks business in the world so you can expect to see a lot of innovation coming out of Britvic in the next five to seven years.”

Squash’d has the ability to make 20 drinks and comes in a range of three different flavours including orange and peach, apple and blackcurrant and summer fruits. The product allows you to “transform water” with just one squirt.

Gorman added that she hoped Squash’d would create a new buzz in the sector: “If you think of squash it’s been quite a dull category for a long time so for Robinsons to be the brand that brings excitement to it that is great.”

Source: The Drum

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