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Clear Coffee

The brand behind ‘the world’s first see-through coffee’

Here’s an interview with David Nagy from CLR CFF….

Tell us about CLR CFF. How did you start up the brand?

CLR CFF was created from Clear Coffee, which I think is an appropriate name for this new category of coffee drinks. We want to create a brand which stands for simplicity and high quality.

Tell us about the coffee drink. How did you create it and how long did it take to develop?

Everything started four years ago. I have always drunk a lot of coffee and because of that I struggled with the colour of my teeth. Energy drinks were not an option. I used to drink them sometimes – once a month – but I did not like the taste.

I started looking for a different product that would fit my requirements. As I did not find anything, we started work on our own coffee drink.

We developed a new coffee processing method, which allowed us to create a new RTD coffee. Because of this new approach, our product has a unique taste and aroma.

Clear Coffee is made from fresh, roasted Arabica coffee beans and water. To achieve the transparency we do not use chemicals. CLR CFF does not contain preservatives, stabilisers, sugar or sweeteners.

How does it differ to conventional coffee?

CLR CFF has a very fresh and aromatic taste. I would say it has less bitterness than a regular coffee and because of that, sugar or milk is not needed. The caffeine content is 100mg per bottle.

Why do you think CLR CFF will appeal to consumers? Who is your target market?

It is an absolutely new way to experience coffee. People like choices and we offer them a unique one. I think that people who like high-quality, premium products will appreciate it.

Where are you planning to sell the drink?

At the moment CLR CFF is for sale on our website. We would like to bring our product into stores as soon as possible.

What are your plans for 2016?

Let the world know about this fantastic product!