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Tell’s cider moves into glass packaging

“After a host of local and international tastings we kept meeting the same response: ‘It’s a superb cider, but can’t we buy it in glass?’” explains Rudolph du Toit, Tell’s’ national marketing manager.

“After testing glass packaging, which is fully recyclable, with local retailers and finding them 100% excited to stock it, we decided to make the change. Tell’s will still be available in PET, but only for large events and festivals where glass is not allowed.”

The new packs – 340 ml flint glass bottles with crown corks – are also destined for the EU and the US. “The call from the export market to switch to glass was also a major motivator for us to make the change,” he adds.

The Tell’s bottle, at 340ml, offers 10ml extra cider than the majority of local cider producers who pack their brands in 330ml containers. The same premium 5.5% AVB cider will be available nationwide, packed in trays of 4×6.

Contact details: 082 550 4145, or at rudolph@tell’


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