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Taking the immunity trend into a beverage syrup

Global syrups and sauces brand DaVinci Gourmet is capitalising on functional foods with the launch of Beverage Boost in the US. 

The naturally flavoured beverage syrup is formulated with Kerry’s immunity ingredient Wellmune, positioned to easily add immune health benefits to any menu item or home beverage.

Wellmune is a proprietary baker’s yeast beta 1.3/1.6 glucan, clinically supported in dozens of studies to aid general immune health, maintain overall physical health and protect against the harmful effects of stress.

Beverage Boost can be added to many everyday beverages, adding functional benefits to smoothies, juices, coffee and others. 

Lightly sweetened with subtle hints of creamy, vanilla sweetness, one serving (two syrup pumps) is just 20 calories and delivers the recommended daily amount of Wellmune to deliver clinically supported benefits.

Kerry observes that, while immune health is the number one benefit global consumers want from healthy lifestyle products, there is a significant gap for functional foods in the food service arena. 

According to Kerry’s consumer research Proactive Health, 2019, 78 percent of consumers want restaurants to offer more menu items with functional benefits.

“Consumers are expecting more from their food and beverages,” says Kimberly Kurth, senior brand manager of DaVinci Gourmet. 

“We saw this as an opportunity to meet our customer’s demands by incorporating Kerry’s own Wellmune ingredient into an easy-to-use DaVinci syrup that can seamlessly add immunity support benefits into beverage creations.”

Gaining consumer trust

Moreover, Kerry’s consumer research gives Wellmune’s immune support a high believability rating, explains John Quilter, vice president and general manager at Kerry. “Nearly three-quarters of respondents indicate interest in purchasing a product containing this immune booster.” 

“In short, consumers understand and trust the benefits. Couple this with the fact that it can easily be incorporated into a variety of products, and you now have a perfect partner for food and beverage innovation,” he says.  

DaVinci Gourmet Beverage Boost will be available in the US through food service distributors and operators beginning in February. 

Last April, Kerry reported that the global pandemic would have long-lasting changes on the immunity space, as consumers turned increasingly to functional foods during times of anxiety. 

Immune-boosting ingredients aren’t the only thing heating up food service. Last May, Kerry also spotlighted heat-stable probiotics’ potential in promoting functional foods in the hospitality sector, such as its GanedenBC30 probiotics on pizza.  

Source: Kerry,