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SIR JUICE teams with the world-renowned ClemenGold brand

ClemenGold, it says, has fast become the latest popular ingredient in a variety of food and juice products, and SIR JUICE is proud to be an official partner of this global brand in South Africa.

With a constant journey to discover the best, freshest and tastiest fruit to use in their recipes, ClemenGold was an obvious partner, says Roanne Goldsmith, marketing manager at SIR JUICE; “It’s always been our primary focus to use only quality produce in our fruit juice. With our official partnership with ClemenGold, our customers know they are getting the real deal.”

With a production process (no details available) that means the end product contains as much of the natural flavour and goodness of the whole fruit, SIR JUICE ensures that each of their juice drinks is as close to the original fruit as possible.

ClemenGold is a delicious sweet and aromatic soft citrus fruit, with only the best of the crop picked and packed by hand. Hand-picked by selected growers from across South Africa, it is considered to be citrus at its best. Great pride is taken in nurturing young seedlings until the fruit is fragrantly ripe and ready to eat.

“ClemenGold identified with our natural production process,” Roanne explains, “so they knew with SIR JUICE that the end product would contain all the original flavour of their amazing fruit.”

SIR JUICE describes itself as a “totally independent entity owned by three brothers [the Baker brothers, James, Patrick and Dave) from Kwazulu-Natal and a lovely lady named Vijay Loosen. We supply most of the top restaurants, hotels and coffee shops in South Africa with that deliciously premium fruit juice that you usually only find in good restaurants. Our blending plants in Durban, Joburg and Cape Town also serve as factory shops and in the last couple of years we have started selling our juice in stores too.”

The ClemenGold website describes its product as: “ClemenGold is such a delicious and refreshing soft citrus fruit. Its deep sunset orange rind is smooth and beautiful. The fruit is soft and juicy, fresh and fragrant. It is conveniently seedless and easy peeling. Most of all, it has an incredible honey-sweet taste. In short – the fruit is special. And sometimes when you have something special, you want to share it with the world. This is the case with the ClemenGold company.”

ClemenGold from SIR JUICE is available workplaces, coffee shops, Delis and restaurants across South Africa.