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Shot, Sir Fruit!

Local premium fruit juice company, Sir Fruit, has launched Raw Health Shots, a concentrated serving of “high-quality fresh fruits, vitamin-rich vegetables and spices”.

The cold-pressed shots incorporate superfood ingredients with antioxidants and minerals, conveniently packaged to deliver a health kick on the go, in two sips or less.

The new product is available in four variants:
• Daily Green – apple, cucumber, lemon, spinach and kale.
• Fiery Ginger – ginger, apple and lemon.
• Pomegranate – pomegranate.
• Spicy Turmeric – turmeric, orange, carrot, lemon and cayenne pepper.

The Sir Fruit Health Shots retail for the recommended price of R18.99 per 100ml and are available at top grocers around South Africa.