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SA Liquor Advertising Report 2023

Ornico, one of Africa’s leading media and advertising monitoring agencies has compiled a free-to-download report on the advertising trends in the South African Liquor industry.

The advertising landscape of the South African alcoholic beverage industry is highly regulated and competitive. The industry is one of the largest contributors to the country’s economy, but the advertising of alcoholic beverages is heavily restricted due to the potential social and health impacts of alcohol consumption.

Despite these regulations, the South African alcoholic beverage industry continues to be highly competitive, with brands vying for market share through creative and innovative marketing campaigns.

The industry relies heavily on sponsorship and partnerships with sports teams and events, music festivals, and cultural events. Brands also leverage social media platforms to reach a younger demographic and use experiential marketing tactics such as pop-up bars and tastings to promote their products.

However, the industry is constantly evolving, and with changing consumer preferences and attitudes towards alcohol consumption, it is crucial for brands to stay ahead of the curve and adapt their advertising strategies accordingly.

The Ornico research looks at new advertisements that made an appearance across television, radio, print, online, outdoor, direct marketing and mobile. It also focuses on advertising spend patterns across radio and television.

The core findings of this report include an overview of over 56 000 ad executions during the March 2022 – February 2023 period with an ad spend value of over R409m.

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