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Potato milk another new alternative

As curiosity and interest grows over plant-based milk options, so, too, do new origins – the latest on our horizon is potato milk. 

Swedish-based Veg of Lund has created the Dug brand of potato milk

The idea for Dug is rooted (!) in Professor Eva Tornberg’s research at Lund University. The food researcher has created an emulsion by combining protein and potato starch along with omega 3-rich rapeseed oil.

And emulsions are something Tornberg knows incredibly well. She’s been researching them since the 1970s.

According to the start-up, this is the world’s first potato-based plant-milk. The vegan-friendly milk alternative uses a base of potatoes and is also formulated with pea protein, maltodextrin, chicory fibre, rapeseed oil, and natural flavourings. 

Earlier this year DUG won an 2021 World Food Innovation Award (hosted by FoodBev Media and IFE) as “Best Allergy-Friendly Product” and reached a high position in three other categories, such as a highly commended award for “Best Plant-Based Beverage”. 

Why is potato milk better?

Potato milk is far more sustainable than any other plant-based milk currently available, according to the company.

Growing potatoes is according to DUG ”very kind to the environment”. Compared to soybeans, almonds, oats, or regular dairy, potatoes are twice as land efficient, which reduces the climate impact by 75%. And compared to almonds, potatoes use 56 times less water in order to be produced.

The range has three milks: Original, Unsweetened and Barista, and this vegan website taste-tested each in four suitable ways and reviewed them to see how they fare. Here’s what they thought….

Currently, Dug drinks are only sold in stores in Sweden and the UK.