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Novel approach to an energy drink from Nairsons

Dairy-mix beverage company, Nairsons, is waxing proud over its newly-launched energy drink market that it describes as “a game-changer in the world of carbonated energy drinks”.

DRIFT Energy Drink, says the company’s Lali Nair, “is a marvel that has been crafted through cutting-edge innovation and ground-breaking science and with over a decade of research and development”.

At its core, she explains, is its patented ACMIPRO nano delivery system, “a world-first” for a casein micelle delivery system for bioactive compounds within a low pH acid environment.

Casein micelles are tiny spherical nano particles found in milk that are composed of casein proteins, calcium and phosphorus.

“Our primary purpose of incorporating the dairy component is to serve as a vehicle for the controlled release of the bioactive energy ingredients” says Nair. “The casein micelles or dairy component contribute to the exceptional taste of the drink, without resembling any dairy in the flavour, and yet simultaneously maintain a viscosity similar to regular carbonated beverages.”

Nair adds that while most energy drinks variably promise and deliver an instant surge of vitality, the exhilaration often accompanied by a dreaded crash, leaving the imbiber drained and fatigued.

“Our nano delivery system is a breakthrough in beverage engineering, formulated to provide sustained energy without the ‘spike and crash’ that plagues other ‘water-based’ energy drinks on the market,” she asserts.

The science behind the tech

Nair says the Centurion-based company spent a decade of R&D to harness the power of casein micelle encapsulation and nanotechnology, with its patent awarded in 2013.

“It’s all in the un-denatured and encapsulated nano-sized casein micelles that make up our formula. We have carefully engineered these in an acidic environment with carbonation to encapsulate the bioactive ingredients, with caffeine being one of them.

“When consumed, these tiny warriors get to work, releasing their power gradually, giving a steady and prolonged boost of energy.

“We’ve taken great care in formulating DRIFT Energy Drink to ensure that it not only energises the body but also rejuvenates the mind. It transcends the traditional boundaries, combining the best of physical and mental stimulation.”

Free from artificial colourants and lower in sugar and with only 87 calories per 500ml can, DRIFT Energy Drink is “a beacon of energy delivery, giving you the confidence to fuel your body responsibly. This marks the beginning of a new era in the energy drink industry.

“In SA, many of the published innovations for beverages is either different flavours or different packaging. We are proud to say that as a SA company, Nairsons has not only created a new innovation, but a new invention,” Nair concludes.

The product launched at the Big 7 expo recently and is available at Makro online (@ R22/500ml) & Takealot, as well as on the Nairsons’ website. 

Source: Nairsons – read more about the company here