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NoMU taps into less sugar trend with new chocmilk

NoMU has to be one of your editor’s favourite brands – always agile, always on-trend, always offering class and quality! Latest in its line-up is NOMU ‘REDUCED SUGAR’ Chocmilk.

This is something that co-founder Tracy Foulkes has apparently had in mind to create for years, according to her husband/co-founder, Paul Raphaely.

“This is basically NOMU’s take on a traditional drinking chocolate milk powder but with 40% less sugar than any other industry competitor,” he says. “It’s aimed at families that want to make healthier decisions about sugary treats but are either put off by artificial sweeteners or find the natural alternatives either too confusing or just too much bother. So, it’s 40% less sugar, with the balance made up of a stevia base blend of our own design.

“Not diabetic-friendly, but definitely healthier, super flexible (can be used to make all sorts of delicious things, including ice cream, and other treats) competitively priced, and – we think – the very best the local industry has to offer vs the big, international brands that haven’t shown any real innovation or ingenuity in this space in, well… forever.”

And he adds: “After a few weeks of trading, the new addition seems to have met with universal approval….”

Add your editor to that league – it tastes and drinks superbly! No noticeable stevia notes that I don’t enjoy. Bravo, again, NoMU!

Check all the details below in this great trade presenter….