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No Normal – concentrated on-the-go coffee

No Normal squeezes 25 premium espressos into an aluminium tube for the outdoor enthusiast coffee lover….

A Swiss startup is shaking up the coffee world with a product designed not for sidewalk sipping but for outdoor enthusiasts. 

No Normal has developed a highly concentrated coffee paste that comes in a squeezable aluminum tube, offering a convenient and portable way to enjoy premium coffee on the go.

No Normal offers a few unique advantages for hikers, climbers, surfers and campers. Easily dissolved in hot or cold water or milk, the paste eliminates the need for brewing equipment or moisture-sensitive instant coffee.

One tube provides up to 25 small and 15 larger coffees, depending on the dosage, and can be stored unrefrigerated.

It can also be enjoyed straight from the tube — aided by being lightly sweetened — or combined with other foods like bananas or chocolate for an extra caffeine kick when water is scarce.

With sustainability in mind, No Normal’s aluminum packaging is minimal and recyclable.

Produced in Emmental, Switzerland, the coffee paste is made using Fairtrade, organic Arabica coffee beans and Swiss organic sugar. Successfully crowdfunded in March 2024, No Normal will start shipping in June 2024. An 85 g tube sells for CHF 14 (R280). [What a great idea! Ed}

Source: Trend Watching

Podcast interview with No Normal’s founders

Founded by ( l-r) Alexander and Philippe, No Normal sprouted from their shared passion for adventure, coffee, and a refusal to settle for the mediocre.

Alexander, with his robust background in design and brand building, and Philippe, a coffee aficionado with deep roots in business development and a love for the outdoors, saw an opportunity to redefine outdoor nutrition.

Below Silvan Krähenbühl from Swisspreneurs discusses their journey, delving into their backgrounds and discusses why Nestlé isn’t already doing what they are doing, and covers topics surrounding their fundraising strategy and long-term vision.