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New Douwe Egberts blends hit SA shelves

Douwe Egberts has introduced two new blends to the SA market – Ristretto, added to their Core range, and Brazil, the new addition to their Origins range.

“The two new blends from Douwe Egberts not only offer everything that consumers are looking for in their coffee, but more,” explains Matthew Dees, Douwe Egberts brand manager.

“The strong, balanced flavours in these instant coffees allow consumers the opportunity to make a quick and satisfying cup of coffee without having to leave the comfort of their homes or offices.”

Ristretto is a bold, powerful dark blend that is perfectly balanced with intense characteristics and powerful aromatic flavours.

“This strong cup of coffee will make sure that there will be no more snoozing in the morning,” says the PR.

Brazil offers a more exotic taste. It is an aroma-rich, bright and well-rounded, 100% Arabica instant coffee from Brazil which has been expertly selected, roasted and crafted.

“Trends in the coffee industry and what our consumers are looking for in a perfect cup of Joe, is what drives us to create new flavours,” comments Dees.

“Coffee is experienced and enjoyed throughout the globe and as this continues to grow, so do the needs and wants of the drinkers. Trends surface continuously, and it is up to us to make sure that we are listening and giving our consumers what they want.”

Coffee trends that are being watched in 2021 are:

  • The desire to try more international flavours. During 2020 many coffee drinkers turned to the internet to find coffee-inspired drinks and through this a desire to experience different, international coffees grew. Single origin coffee is growing in popularity, with coffee drinkers wanting to fully experience the tastes from a particular region such as Brazil.
  • Convenient, instant coffee is growing in popularity. Instant coffee grew during 2020 when many coffee drinkers were home bound. Instant coffee has come a long way since its inception and gone are the days of stale and bitter coffee; if there is one thing that coffee drinkers won’t compromise on, its flavour.
    Instant coffees of today bring with it different, bold and exciting flavours that offer delicious tastes and exotic notes.
  • The choice of coffee bean is very important when deciding on a coffee blend. The Arabica bean is projected to lead the global coffee beverages market due to its delicate flavour, and less caffeine. The Robusta bean has a more intense flavour and makes a powerful cup of coffee.  

About: Douwe Egberts’ rich history started over 260 years ago, in a small village in The Netherlands. Introduced to our local retail market in 2001, the core brand initially included four blends: Pure Gold, Pure Indulgence, Pure Smooth and Decaffeinated. In 2010, the range was updated with four new blends, providing a new selection of taste notes and strengths for South African coffee drinkers. In 2014, Mondelēz announced a merger of its coffee business with Douwe Egberts, which was renamed to Jacobs Douwe Egberts