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Healthy beverages and the better-for-you market in APMEA: upcoming webinar

Healthy beverages are in demand globally, including in the Asia-Pacific, the Middle East and Africa. Join Kerry Taste & Nutrition for a webinar where experts will discuss key aspects of this trend, including clean label, sugar reduction and fortification.

Growing consumer demand for “better for you” beverages and the rapidly changing regulatory landscapes in Asia-Pacific, the Middle East and Africa have revolutionised the beverage industry today.

Beverage manufacturers are finding it increasingly challenging to live up to consumers’ health expectations, meet regulatory requirements and create innovative, great-tasting beverages.

This webinar will explore the latest trends in healthier beverages and provide a new level of understanding around the complexity and challenges of beverage reformulation.

Find out how these factors intertwine and where the specific opportunities lie in your quest for healthier beverages.

Register and watch the live webinar to find out more! Click here

Date: 3rd July 2019

Start Time: 9:00am SA time (GMT +2)

Duration: 45 minutes

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