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Coke no label cans

Coke erases its logo in the Middle East in the name of equality and tolerance

 Created for Ramadan by Dubai-based agency FP7/DXB, part of McCann Worldgroup, the cans have replaced the familiar Coke logo with “Labels are for cans, not for people.”

In its press release launching the campaign, the brand wasn’t shy about its lofty goals, saying “In the Middle East, a region with over 200 nationalities and a larger number of labels dividing people, these Coca-Cola cans send a powerful and timeless message that a world without labels is a world without differences. And that we are all basically just the same — human.”

The brand has a history of manipulating its world-famous label in the name of making peaceful statements. In China, the company turned its white ribbon into a pair of hands passing a Coke; in Latin America, they became multi-ethnic arms mid-fist-bump.

Source: FastCompany