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An ‘entirely reimagined cola experience’: new Nitro Pepsi

Pepsi is gearing up to introduce consumers to a new drink that is made with nitrogen technology.

The addition of nitrogen gives the bubbly soda beverage a creamier and smoother texture as compared to the fizziness of regular soda.

Nitro Pepsi is not being sold in stores — yet. According to the company, Pepsi is slowly introducing the world to Nitro Pepsi and tastes of the new drink will be distributed at the upcoming Super Bowl LIII in Atlanta on Sunday, Feb 3.

Pepsi will offer two flavours of the nitro-infused soda beverage including regular cola, as well as vanilla.

When poured into a glass, Nitro Pepsi offers a creamy “cascading foam” that has a “unique texture and elevated experience,” according to the company.

“We couldn’t be more excited about how far we have come with the development of ‘Nitro Pepsi,’” Todd Kaplan, VP of Marketing, Pepsi, said in a press release.

“With Pepsi, we are going all in on delivering the most exciting experiences and offerings to our loyal fans – from engaging marketing programs to disruptive new product innovation.

“With the creation of the world’s first ever nitro-infused cola, we will be able to introduce a creamier, smoother product, reimagining cola in a way that only Pepsi can, to a whole new set of consumers.”

Insights from Euromonitor

Nitro Pepsi  reflects an industry-wide push to create soda that’s “more interesting, more premium and consumed a little slower by the consumer,” says Euromonitor.

Speaking to FoodNavigator-USA after PepsiCo released this news, which could be sold in cans or dispensed in bars and restaurants, Euromonitor head of soft drinks, Howard Telford, said the drink by its nature was designed to be consumed slowly, delivering a more enjoyable experience than drinking regular cola in a bar or restaurant, for example.

“I do think we can think of this as part of a broader trend. ​The thicker, velvety texture of nitrogen drinks has been something we’ve seen applied successfully in the cold brew ​[coffee] category​, and last year there were a few examples of nitrogen infused chilled tea products as well.​  

“We know there is a concerted, industry wide push to build a more ‘adult soft drink’ and this has tended to mean sleeker packaging, ‘craft’ appeal and less sweet, more sophisticated flavor profiles such as Coca-Cola’s Bar None​.​  ​

He added: “This Pepsi Nitro concept ​applies another angle – using texture and visual appeal as well. The nitro cold brew products can obviously be canned, but I think they have great appeal on-trade and this is where I see the real opportunity. ​

“I think the nitro drinks work best on draught in a bar or café where you can use tap handles for presentation and the final product resembles a stout beer in glass wear. This gives you an ‘adult soft drink’ option that is a little more interesting, more premium and consumed a little slower by the consumer. Perhaps more of a ‘social’ beverage?”​

Source: PepsiCo, FoodNavigator-USA.com


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