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Imagic gin

A new gin that changes colour in mixed drinks

Vierhile writes:

One of the great cocktail classics is the gin and tonic. As much as these two drinks seem to be made for each other, this pairing looks increasingly pizazz-challenged in the fast-changing cocktail world.

That problem is taken care of with new Imagic Gin, New in Spain, this product is the Canadean Consumer Product Launch Analytics innovation of the week.

Imagic Gin is unlike any other gin on the market. This 40% ABV gin has a golden colour, but this changes to an intense pink when combined with tonic water or any citric-based carbonated soft drink like lemon soda.

The colour-changing feature is reportedly the product of two years of research and works based on the pH alternation of the gin when it is blended with a mixer.

The gin itself is distilled from corn and has is described as having flavour notes of juniper, black cardamom, lime, and peppermint. Imagic is distilled in copper stills using a traditional artisan distillation process.

Cocktail drinkers are often seeking new and different taste sensations and experiences, and this new colour-changing gin delivers on all fronts.

Gin buyers are somewhat more likely to experiment with buying new products (22% say they often experiment with buying new products) than rum, whiskey, or vodka buyers, according to a 2014 Canadean Consumer global survey. This could bode well for this potentially category-changing innovation.

Tom Vierhile is innovation insights director for Canadean Consumer.

See the gin in action here: