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2014: The year of transformative flavours?

The company’s Culinary Trend Exchange has identified some of the most gripping flavour directions for 2014, defining the most influential and transformational trends into four distinct flavour groups: Fresh Focused, Sultry Sweets, Some Like It Hot and Reasons to Cheer- deeming 2014 as the year when anything goes.

“Flavours have no boundaries,” says Catherine Armstrong, VP of corporate communications at Comax Flavors. “And the world of flavour development has changed forever. The world’s most talented chefs and mixologists are experimenting with the geography of flavour, whipping up a storm of creativity through their explorations.”

Fresh Focused are flavours that will influence consumer preferences for those foods and beverages that make them feel good about their choices. They add a fresh, healthy halo to many snack foods, beverages, juices, bars and dips. Flavours in this group include:

• Coconut Lime
• Lemon Garlic Pepper
• Carrot Watermelon
• Pineapple Cucumber

Sultry Sweets is triply decadent – giving rise to flavours that promise to deliver the sweetest, richest, most provocative blends- combining two or more sweet and/or savoury flavours into one flavour-saturated treat. Flavours in this group include:

• Cola Cappuccino Nut
• Marshmallow Macadamia Crunch
• Ginger Sesame Caramel
• Maple Bourbon Banana

Some Like It Hot represents a pairing of ethnic and cultural flavours that in new combinations offer heat and fire, with a brisk sweet note that propels new product innovation. They will be showing up in savoury chips, sweets, confections, dips, sauces, beers and beverages alike. Flavours in this group include:

• Sriracha Chocolate
• Black Pepper Caramel
• Honey Wasabi
• Habanero Maple

Reasons to Cheer reflects the popularity of creative mixologists that are driving the crowds with innovative cocktail concoctions. Consumers are along for the ride and open to decadent indulgences presented in a new way. Flavours in this group include:

• Shiraz Truffle
• Beaujolais Citrus Punch
• Mojito Macaroon
• Boozy Mint Cookie

Comax Flavors;

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