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US: Energy drinks outsell bottled water

Red Bull remains the top seller in the category, with nearly 40% market share for a total of $2.8 billion in sales.

A recent addition to the line is Red Bull Total Zero, a slight reformulation of Red Bull Sugar Free (Total Zero is calorie-free while Sugar Free has 13 calories). In addition to the caloric difference (likely achieved via the addition of sucralose to the sweetener mix), Total Zero has slightly more caffeine (3 mg more in the 8.4-oz. can) and a slightly different flavor.

Both Monster Energy and Rockstar are starting to target the recovery market. Monster Rehab uses a tagline of “refresh, revive, rehydrate,” with one version (Protean) containing 15 grams of protein per can. Rockstar Recovery seeks to provide “energy + hydration” in a low-calorie beverage enhanced with electrolytes.

The Beverage Industry report notes that emerging categories in energy include natural options. Jamba Juice, Campbell’s Soup (via its V8 line) and Starbucks carrying “natural” energy lines.

Energy shots also continue to perform well. That segment is dominated by 5-Hour Energy (Living Essentials, LLC), which captured over 90% of the market. However, more companies, including Monster, with its concentrated 5-oz. M3 product, continue to enter this segment.

(The data is for the 52 weeks ending April 15 in US supermarkets, drug, gas, convenience and mass merchandise retailers, excluding Walmart, per SymphonyIRI Group)

For more insight into the energy drink market, see “The Next Generation of Energy” on the Food Product Design website, which focuses on the recent “natural” introductions from Jamba Juice and Starbucks.


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