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Turn water into wine, literally, with SodaStream’s new Sparkling Gold

SodaStream has unveiled a limited-edition Sparkling Gold alcoholic concentrate which turns water into sparkling wine.

Resembling the taste of riesling wine, Sparkling Gold contains 10% ABV when prepared using the recommended mixing ratio of one part concentrate and five parts water.

The concentrate is sold in a 200ml gold-tinted glass bottle that creates 12 glasses of fizzy wine.

SodaStream said that Sparkling Gold is the result of an innovative development process, designed to let consumers make a variety of indulging, sparkling drinks.

CEO of SodaStream, Daniel Birnbaum, said: “SodaStream is changing the way people drink. Millions of people around the globe enjoy using SodaStream to transform their ordinary tap water into fresh sparkling water at the touch of a button.

“Fun and exciting concentrates give more users the opportunity to enjoy and even indulge in festive beverages this holiday season.”

The beverage is now available exclusively at the SodaStream Germany online shop.

Earlier this year, the Israeli company launched a range of single-sachet infusions, designed to deliver one of four herb and fruit blends.

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