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The Switch Energy Drinks story

Have you heard of Switch Energy Drinks? Me neither… but here is a local company but six years old that’s selling millions of its cans in 12 countries.

According to the Switch website, the Alternative Power beverage company was established in 2O14 with “the aim of producing energy drinks and sodas that satisfy the unique demands of a diverse market.

“The company has developed a distinctive product range that is uncompromising in ingredients, flavour and style.

“Committed to quality and affordability The Alternative Power develops and manufactures SWITCH ENERGY and WOZA ranges [now discontinued] in South Africa.

“All syrups are imported from Germany and combined with top quality local additives, packaged in a state of the art facility using the latest technology and presented in fresh, funky designs where more truly is more.

‘The company is constantly growing and updating its SWITCH ENERGY and WOZA profiles to offer something for the whole family, with the objective of
changing market perceptions on the unhealthy, expensive or situational typecast of energy and soft drinks.

“The Alternative power not only offers its own diverse products but also manufactures and develops private label flavours and brands to suit client needs.”

Private equity partner

Private equity group, RMB Corvest, acquired a 40% stake in Switch Energy Drinks in 2019. “The strong management team with significant ownership along with exceptional growth prospects allows for a strong position for the future of the business, it says.

Here Moneyweb’s Ryk van Niekerk talks about this deal in more detail with Menzi Khoza, executive at RMB Corvest, and Christian Wentzel, MD at Switch Energy Drinks.

Switch Energy Drinks: