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The growing appearance of hop water

Hop water is on the move, well, hopping! This carbonated non-alcoholic water flavoured with infused hops is gaining popularity as a healthier alternative to traditional beer.

Hop water typically has a bitter and floral flavour, which comes from the compounds found in the hops. It is often compared to sparkling water or tonic water in terms of its carbonation and level of bitterness.

It is a low-calorie drink that is free from alcohol and gluten, making it a suitable option for people who are watching their weight or who have dietary restrictions. It is also believed to have some health benefits, such as anti-inflammatory properties and a potential ability to aid in relaxation and sleep.

While hop water can be consumed on its own, it is also used as a mixer in cocktails and mocktails. It is commonly combined with other natural ingredients, such as fruit juice or herbal extracts, to create unique and flavourful drinks.

It recently featured in IWSR’s e-book report, 8 drivers of change for the global beverage alcohol industry. Click on the link to download, registration required.

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