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The future of dairy and non-dairy drinks

The next five years will be pivotal for the dairy and non-dairy drink sectors. Some insights from Mintel…

Dairy drinks have sought to reassure consumers about health with added functionality, and environmental claims are becoming more detailed.

And with the cost of living crisis, brands will need to keep prices in check to reaffirm their role in providing affordable nutrition for the masses.

Meanwhile, non-dairy drinks have sought to target a wider audience by using plant-based claims instead of vegan.

However, they also face challenges with price and taste as two major barriers putting people off purchases.

And how will both industries react to the disruption that will be caused when lab-grown milk becomes more established?

Watch this new video to find out more about the future of dairy and non-dairy in the next two years, five years and beyond.

Where we are now:

  • EMEA: functionality and indulgence; ethics and nutrition
  • APAC: reassure over safety and organic growth; diversify occasions, proteins and flavours
  • Americas: usage of cartons and preventative health; animal-free products and new ingredients

In the next two years:

  • Reinventing old staples
  • Gut health and immunity
  • Make farmers your greatest asset

In five years and beyond:

  • Seize the opportunities from regenerative farming
  • Technology for safety and affordable nutrition
  • Functionality for the future: eye/mental health

Source: Mintel

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