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Terrific new flexible liquid packaging concept comes to SA

“Astrapak and Dow Chemicals have come together to add more value to customers by introducing an amazing alternative innovative packaging solution, PacXpert, which is set to revolutionise liquid packaging in South Africa,” says Astrapak.

 Not only suited to drinks and liquid foods, but the flexible stand-up pouch is also an alternative to rigid containers for edibles such as rice and grains, breakfast cereals, pet kibble and dry baking products.

The PacXpert packaging replaces existing rigid containers with a flexible container that can be presented on shelf with high definition colour graphics.

Its appealing features include dual handles for decanting of the product content while eliminating the glug effect associated with rigid containers and, as the lightweight pack collapses as it empties, it forces the evacuation of excess air thereby extending shelf life by limiting the growth of spoilage organisms.

Astrapak says a challenge with rigid packaging is dispensing all the product but PacXpert can be squeezed like a toothpaste tube to ensure the “best product yield of any packaging mode”.

Once empty, it collapses to one tenth the size of a rigid container, reducing the waste footprint and management requirements of the customer.

PacXpert is stackable and can be palletised, either with or without boxes for support. It is shelf stable and can stand upright or on its side once filled. 

The range of containers from 1 litre to 20 litres can be filled either by automated or manual filling.

The firm claims a 10-litre PacXpert flexible container uses just 30% of the plastic of a similar rigid container while a 20-litre flexible container uses just 20% of the plastic of a similar rigid container.

Dow is the global licensee of the SMART BOTTLE I Line, with worldwide rights, while PacXpert Packaging Technology is licensed globally by Dow through an exclusive agreement with Smart Bottle Inc. Dow is sub-licensing this exciting technology to select converters who may then leverage the technology to promote differentiated flexible packaging solutions to the marketplace.

Astrapak: Read more here

See the PacXpert in action on this video:


Maheu production benefits from rapid grain hydration technology

OAL’s Steam Infusion technology is dramatically changing the production of Maheu and other grain based drinks in Africa.

The system instantly hydrates maize flour at rates of up to 30 tonnes per hour. Not only is it 5 times faster than traditional methods but product characteristics can be varied from smooth to grainy.

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