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Sports Nutrition Drinks

Sports Nutrition Drinks: Flavours and Trends

Table of Contents

Market Watch: Winning in the Global Sports Nutrition Game
With sports nutrition named one of the top 10 functional food trends, athletes and mainstream consumers alike are benefiting from the sector’s various applications and healthy offerings.

Sports Nutrition Beverages: A Focus on Flavours
Revamping sports drinks to meet flavour, nutrition, protein and sugar-content demands requires innovation and formulation know-how.

The Last Bite:
Food product designers are paying attention to the trends and taking advantage of strategies to develop the sports nutrition beverages athletes and mainstream consumers are seeking.

Takeaways for your business

  • Sports nutrition foods and beverages make the transition from athlete-only to mainstream consumers
  • How flavour companies are meeting nutritional demands without sacrificing taste
  • Industry is paying attention to sports nutrition beverage trends and overcoming challenges with taste, natural and more

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