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South Africa has the cheapest beer in the world

Here’s some good news as antidote to the daily deluge of bad news that South Africans suffer: there is no country where beer costs less than right here in SA!

South Africa has the cheapest beer on the planet. At an average price of $1.68 (about R25) per 330 ml bottle, there is no country on Earth where beer costs less, according to research by finance website, Expensivity.

South Africans are the world’s ninth biggest beer drinkers, according to the same research. Qatar has the most expensive beer in the world, at an average price of $11.26 (R168).

The cheap beer pricing in SA, it says, is largely due to the culture of buying in bulk that tends to keep prices down.

People in the Czech Republic drink more beer (468-litres per person per year) than any other nation in the world.

Germans spend more on beer ($1907.78 or about R28 400 per year) than any other nation in the world.

Cheapest countries to buy beer:

  • South Africa $1.68
  • Ukraine $1.76
  • Argentina $1.79
  • Bosnia $1.96
  • Ghana $2.05
  • Tunisia $2.09
  • Georgia $2.3
  • North Macedonia $2.34
  • Chile $2.40
  • Czech Republic $2.49

Click on the map below, will enlarge…

Expensivity: View the full report here

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