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Serving wine without removing the cork

The Coravin system is a new technology, out of Massachussets, that allows users to pour and enjoy wine from their favourite bottles without pulling the cork. For the first time, wine enthusiasts will be able to enjoy wine by the glass without committing to the whole bottle. Coravin’s groundbreaking wine access technology leaves the cork in place, safeguarding the wine from oxidation thus allowing the wine to evolve naturally.

It allows wine lovers to enjoy and share the same bottle during multiple occasions, over weeks, months or even longer without wasting a drop. The Coravin also enables wine drinkers to access wine across multiple bottles during a single occasion.

“Coravin Wine Access Technology solves the age-old problem that wine oxidises after the cork is pulled,” said President and CEO of Coravin, Nick Lazaris.

“With the launch of this innovative product, we will transform the experience of pouring and enjoying wine for everyone from the casual wine enthusiast to the serious collector, to restaurants and wineries.”

World-renowned wine expert, Robert Parker, has called Coravin “the most transformational and exciting new product for wine lovers that has been developed or invented in the last 30-plus years.”

Parker, who is largely considered one of the world’s leading authorities on wine, recently posted a series of videos about the Coravin System based on his own personal testing of the system on the site.

Wine enthusiasts: a new way to explore wines

The Coravin Wine Access System enables wine enthusiasts to freely explore their collection glass by glass over multiple occasions, without committing to the whole bottle. The unprecedented freedom to enjoy bottles of wine by the glass without fear of waste due to oxidation allows any wine lover to become more adventurous with food and wine pairings and to compare vintages and varietals.

Restaurants and wine bars: expand wine by the glass offerings

The Coravin Wine Access System unlocks the wine cellar for restaurants and wine bars to offer a much broader selection of fine wines by the glass. Now they can serve by the glass offerings from their finest bottles without fear of waste, and encourage guests to try iconic wines they might not have tried otherwise. They are also free to create special flights, verticals and new food and wine pairings.

Wine stores and wineries: customise and expand wine tastings

The Coravin Wine Access System empowers wine stores and wineries to offer customized tastings to support increased opportunities for bottle sales. Retail outlets can now offer vertical or horizontal tastings, inspect bottles for flaws and faults, and customise and expand their tastings – at a moment’s notice. It also helps them educate customers by comparing and contrasting vintages, glass by glass.

“As a winemaker myself, I was very protective of the delicate nature of wine and took special care with the by-the-glass offerings at each of my restaurants,” said Joe Bastianich, American restaurateur, winemaker, and Coravin investor, well known for his role as a judge on FOX’s “Master Chef.”

“Once I tried wine accessed six months prior with Coravin and tasted no difference, I knew this was a game changer. I now provide wine samples and glass selections from dozens of vintages and wines that we have never been able to offer, without any compromise in wine quality or waste. This product is nothing short of amazing for both restaurateurs and wine lovers alike.”

The technology: how Coravin works

On pulling the cork from a bottle to pour wine, it is exposed to air and oxidation begins. The Coravin leaves the cork in place. First, a thin, hollow needle passes through the foil and cork to access the wine. Then the bottle is pressurised with argon, an inert gas that winemakers have been using for years.

The argon pressurisation pushes the wine through the needle so that it flows into a glass without letting any oxygen in the bottle. Once the needle is removed, the cork naturally reseals itself, and the remaining wine continues to evolve naturally.

For a video demonstration, visit

Pricing & availability: The Coravin 1000 is be available for purchase in the US at for $299.