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Purple wine launches in Australia

An Australian winemaker has embraced nature’s rarest colour and made a completely natural purple wine in a world first. 

The incredible looking, $21 wine is made in Western Australia by winemaker Tim Macnamara’s start-up Masstengo, and has taken two years to develop.

The wine, which has a colour similar to a field of lavender, uses a blend of semillon and sauvignon blanc. It is then infused with wild botanicals to achieve the beautiful colour.

“This lush style wine exhibits a hint of grass and a touch of minerals with a perfect balance of natural acidity and freshness complemented by a crisp dry finish,” the winemakers said.

Masstengo, the parent company, started with the aim of making wine which pushed boundaries. 

“Founder Tim Macnamara, whilst studying a masters of environmental sustainability, and working as a wine representative, was interested in finding natural ways to preserve wine without using sulphites.

“He began researching and experimenting techniques of adding various natural infusions to wine,” according to the company.

As there’s no sulphites added in the winemaking process, it could help people avoid hangovers the following day. 

The company also has a $25 bottle of sparkling purple wine and a Shiraz variant which has a deeper colour.

The wine was first unveiled to Australians at the 2019 Easter Show and continues to be a popular choice for people looking for something a little different. 


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