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Preventing can contamination while drinking

There’s a growing global call for consumers to dump straws, but what about people’s safety concerns when sipping soda directly from cans? Here’s a new possible solution…

MySip is a silicone mouthpiece to protect drinkers from contamination on cans – and its inventer is looking for partners to bring the product to market.

MySip is made of a food-safe silicone and protects the mouth, lips and tongue from contact with the outside surface of a can.

Marcin Lolik, founder, MySip told BeverageDaily, he came up with the idea after travelling around Asia and one of his friends got sick after drinking from a can of soda. The can seemed to be clean but was contaminated with bacteria and she became sick.

“It was then that I realised I could do something to stop this from happening again and protect the consumer​,” ​he said.

“MySip can be used for all kind of drinks – alcoholic and non-alcoholic. We are looking to develop another feature where the mouthpiece can change colour if someone has tampered with the drink​.

“The product took one year to develop from the initial idea to the first prototype. We currently have pending patent applications in the EU, US, Japan and China​. 

“It can also be produced in any colour and customised according to the customer’s wishes to incorporate a logo into the design.”

Lolik said the goal is to improve the safety of cans for their users with an increasingly hygienic and safe way of drinking.

“MySip is a simple tool which protects the can users not only from contamination on the outside of a can but also its sharp edges. After opening, the can the user can insert the gadget in the drinking hole and enjoy safe drinking.  It makes your drink always safe no matter where you are​,” he added.

The start-up company is based in Poland and the mouthpiece is made from silicon, which is BPA-free.

Lolik said the soft and mouth-friendly material gives users maximum conform and a totally new experience.

“Our strategy now is to find a mentor or partner who already has some experience in this market and together with them bring the product to market​,” he said.


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