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Now you can pour the perfect Guinness at home!

Guinness is famous for its iconic dark liquid and creamy domed head – to emulate the pub experience, engineers at the Dublin brewery have developed an ‘ultrasonic’ device called ‘Nitrosurge’. 

The ‘ground-breaking’ £25 electronic device attaches to the top of dedicated Guinness cans and pours a perfectly-straight jet of liquid – as if it’s coming from draught. 

After launch in Ireland in September 2021, the Nitrosurge device is now available in the UK at Tesco and will come to additional UK retailers later this year. 

Guinness recently became the best-selling beer in UK pubs for the first time, so the firm wants fans to be able to experience the two-part pouring ‘ritual’ at home too.

How does it work? 

Users manually open specially-designated Nitrosurge-branded cans of Guinness before clipping on the device at the top. The beak-like pouring nozzle of the device has to line up with the mouthpiece at the top of the can. A small button on the side of Nitrosurge needs to be pressed before users start the pour. 

Just like the two-part pub pour, users should stop pouring when two-thirds of the glass is filled to let it settle, before filling it up to the top. 

‘We know people want the option of enjoying the iconic two-part pour and the cold, smooth taste of Guinness wherever they are,’ said Neil Shah, head of Guinness GB.

‘With Nitrosurge, we’ve pushed the boundaries of technology to give Guinness fans an enhanced pouring experience which delivers beautiful, great tasting Guinness, every time.’

Pub-goers will be used to having to wait ages for their beloved Guinness as bar staff perform the ‘famed’ two-part pour. This involves pouring two-thirds of the glass and letting the bubbles settle, before pouring the remaining third. 

Irish critics have previously slammed the two-part pour as a ‘marketing ploy’ – as it ‘doesn’t matter how you put stout into a glass’. 

But a problem with pouring a can or bottle of Guinness at home is the liquid can come out in big glugs, increasing the fizz, making the head too big and prolonging the wait between the first and second pour. 

Nitrosurge was designed as the solution to this problem, by letting users replicate a perfect streamlined pour from a pub’s beer taps. 

Widget in cans vs Nitrosurge, according to the Guinness website: “The widget inside a can of Guinness Draught does the job of breaking out the gas within the beer. If you use the Guinness NITROSURGE device in conjunction with one of these cans you will break out too much gas and get a very thin Guinness at the end. It is unlikely to have a creamy head and you’ll find the flavour isn’t as deep as you know it.”


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