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Novel delivery system for Sensient powder colours

The custom pack sizes are pre-weighed to ensure accuracy and to provide batch-to-batch colour consistency. AccuPak quick dissolve bags eliminate messy clean-up and are a sustainable solution by reducing packaging waste.

AccuPak bags can be used in a variety of colour applications, including beverage, dairy, baked and processed foods.

“AccuPak dissolvable colour bags are Sensient’s latest sustainable colour solution for our customers. Working with traditional powders generates dust. Sensient’s completely dissolvable bags eliminate dust issues. The bags dissolve quickly and there is no more measuring, no more spilling and no more dusty clean-up. Just toss in a pack of colour and you’re done. It’s that easy. AccuPak bags can be filled with natural or certified colours, illustrating how Sensient continues to pioneer innovative solutions to advance the technology of the colour market,” says Steve Morris, General Manager, Sensient US Food Colors.

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