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Pyrotec labeller

No fuss labelling device for boutique producers

To meet the needs of producers with boutique businesses, Pyrotec Packmark has designed and launched the Hand Wooden Labeller (HWL) which it claims is the most cost-effective self-adhesive labeller available for cylindrical glass and plastic containers.

The HWL is a manual machine engineered to take the ‘grunt’ work out of the labelling process. As anyone who has labelled products by hand will know, making sure that all labels are applied neatly, securely and in the right place can be a very time-consuming and frustrating exercise.

“With the HWL labels are automatically placed in the correct position, giving products a consistent, immaculate and professional appearance with very little effort. This low maintenance machine, which requires no batteries or electricity, is also very cost effective to use,” says Pyrotec PackMark.

The HWL can handle wine bottles from 187ml to 1.5l. It can also label various other items such as securitainers, tubes and containers up to 2l, depending on the application requirements.

The maximum label roll diameter for the HWL is 200mm with a core diameter of 42mm.

Pyrotec PackMark;

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