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New Windhoek bottle

New garb for Windhoek Lager

The brewer says it’s important to keep the brand’s positioning – the 100% pure beer, which has been brewed according to the same quality tradition for the past 96 years – relevant and resonating with a modern audience.

The new look includes a subtly updated design language and pressure-sensitive labels (PSL). With the new PSL, there is “a guarantee of enjoying a beer with no wrinkles, bubbles or damaged labels once it has completed its journey throughout the supply chain”.

Transparent PSL further provides a luxury appeal and underlines the ‘purity’ of the beer. The shift from paper to recyclable PSL not only provides a visually appealing experience but is also beneficial to the environment.

“The decision to revitalise Windhoek’s look was based on heightening the consumer’s interaction and experience with the bottle,” said Windhoek global marketing manager, Anton Twigg. ‘’You can now grip the beer with courage and be confident that the labels will not float up to the top of your cooler box. It’s a cleaner more aesthetically pleasing experience that showcases the quality properties of the beer that fans have come to expect from Windhoek. ‘’

New Old Windhoek bottlesOn the cans, Windhoek has introduced a bold, vibrant emerald green and cold sapphire blue for Windhoek Lager and Light respectively.

“The fresh new packaging provides more clarity of detail, which is in line with the brands positioning and highlights the attention to detail that is shown with every batch of Windhoek beer brewed.’’

‘’After 96 years of brewing, the only thing that has changed is the packaging. It is still the same expertly brewed golden liquid that you know and love. It is 100% pure beer, made with malted barley, hops and water,’’ adds Twigg.

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