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Almond Breeze

New dairy alternative launches in SA

Says the press release:

With great health benefits, Almond Breeze is a low-calorie, lactose-free alternative to dairy and can be used in cereals, smoothies, coffee, in baking or simply enjoy a delicious glass on its own.

Available in two varieties, Original and Unsweetened, Almond Breeze is a great alternative for people looking to live a healthier lifestyle. It is also suitable for people with dairy allergies or those following a vegan diet.

As almond milk contains no cholesterol, it is also recommended for people suffering from heart disease or high cholesterol and the unsweetened variety has a low glycaemic index (GI) with no added sugar, making it a suitable option for health conscious consumers.

“Almond Breeze has been the leading almond milk in the United States for over a decade, offering a high quality and healthy alternative to milk,” says Brendan Binder, global director of Almond Breeze.

“Over the past few years we have successfully launched in a number of markets around the world and we are excited to launch in South Africa, addressing the increasing demand for an alternative to dairy in the country.”

Almond Breeze combines the superfood health benefits of almonds with a delicious taste. It is packed with calcium as well as vitamin D and E to support strong bones and healthy skin, making it easier to manage a healthy lifestyle.

Almond Breeze is proudly produced and distributed locally by Good Hope International Beverages. It is GMO free, with no additives, MSG or preservatives.

“People are definitely paying more attention to their health, and whatever the reason you are looking for an alternative to dairy, Almond Breeze promises great taste with great health benefits,” adds Binder.

Almond Breeze Original and Unsweetened are available in a 1L Tetra Pak and will retail in leading supermarkets around the country for an RSP of R34,95.

See more at @AlmondBreezeSA and facebook/AlmondBreezeSouthAfrica

US: A false advertising suit claims Almond Breeze is only 2 percent almonds

How much of almond milk is actually made from almonds? A new false advertising lawsuit against Almond Breeze maker Blue Diamond alleges it’s far less than the packaging would have buyers believe.

Blue Diamond doesn’t list what percentage of Almond Breeze is made from almonds in the US, but a UK Almond Breeze website says it’s only 2 percent, FoodNavigator-USA reports.

The lawsuit, filed July 14 in New York, doesn’t specify what percentage the average customer would deem acceptable for purchase, but it does say “upon an extensive review of the recipes for almond milk on the internet, the vast majority of the recipes call for one part almost and three or four parts water, amounting to 25-33% of almonds.”

Plaintiffs Tracy Albert and Dimitrios Malaxianis argue in the suit that the product’s packaging, which includes pictures of almonds and the phrase “made from real almonds,” deceives customers into thinking they’re buying a product made mostly from almonds.

The lawsuit also claims “that consumers allegedly purchased the product based on the belief that it was a healthy and premium product,” food law attorney David L Ter Molen told the site.

When the issue came up in the UK three years ago, its Advertising Standards Authority said customers likely understood how much water was needed to create almond milk: “We considered that, whilst consumers might not be aware of exactly how almond milk was produced, they were likely to realise… that the production of almond milk would necessarily involve combining almonds with a suitable proportion of liquid to produce a ‘milky’ consistency.”

In a statement to TIME, Blue Diamond said, “The primary ingredient in nearly all popular beverages including coffee, tea, soda, juice and sports drinks is water. Cow’s milk is 85% to 95% water and the same can be said for most soy and almond milks which is why our brand is not alone in responding to recent claims.”