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New Bernini packaging packs a feminine pull

With the surging fashion trend to long acrylic nails, especially among younger women, Distell has come up with an apt packaging change to boost sales of its Bernini brand.

South Africa’s popular sparkling grape frizzante now comes in a new bottle, complete with a manicure-friendly easy-open cap.

Bernini’s target market is clear. The brand “values nothing more” than the women it serves; is inspired by the “Italian attitude to life” – “frizzante” is used to describe a type of sparkling wine from Italy; and “Bernini is unapologetically female”, according to Distell.

And how better to cater to a growing “squad” of “Glow Getters” – the self-styled term to describe Bernini drinkers – than a manicure-saving bottlecap?

The new Bernini bottles feature a ring pull cap which doesn’t require any twisting or turning. Lifting the ring attached to the cap is all it takes to open, nails intact.

Acrylic nails have been the biggest fashion trend in current times that almost every person has been jumping on. Some people lie to explore bold shades, patterns, shapes as well as sizes while others like to keep it simple and subtle.

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It’s not just the cap that’s been upgraded to protect costly manicures – Bernini’s added more curves to its new bottles and changed its labelling.

The label which used to wrap around the bottle’s neck has been completely removed – replaced with a glass-embossed version of Bernini’s crown logo – while the main label has been given some gold trim and flow.

The new design has been described as “bold yet feminine” and extends throughout the range of Bernini’s 275ml bottles.

Bernini has three ranges: Classic, which has a “wine-like Muscat taste”, Amber, and Blush “with hints of tropical fruits and berries”.

“Our Glow Getters are always finding new ways to glow up in their lives and show us how it’s done, so naturally we had to dial up the glow ourselves’’ said Bernini marketing manager, Tania Kotze, on the release of the new bottles.

“Bernini prides itself on being a brand with its finger on the pulse, that is why it is South Africa’s much loved frizzante drink for empowered women with style, confidence and glam.”

And the new-look Bernini, which retails for around R79.99 for a six-pack, can save costly bottle-opening mishaps. A manicure at Sorbet ranges from R155 to R325. 

Source: Distell,

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