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MYRKL no-morning-after supplement launches in SA

MYRKL, a groundbreaking pre-drinking supplement that’s created waves in the international market – offering a novel approach to enjoy imbibing without the morning-after effects – is now available locally.

MYRKL’s formula harnesses the power of the high-performing fermentation process of the active ingredient Fermented Rice Bran (fermented by Bacillus subtilis & Bacillus coagulans)1, as well as other main ingredients L-cysteine, Dextrin and Vitamin B12. It is suitable for vegetarians.

Published data from a randomised placebo-controlled double-blind crossover study demonstrated MYRKL’s ability to break down 70 % of the alcohol in the body within 60 minutes of consumption. (Reference below)

As a pre-drinking supplement, MYRKL is described as “the ideal companion for adults who want the freedom to drink responsibly with friends, colleagues and family members, while being able to navigate their daily duties without having the side-effects”.

For best results as a pre-drinking supplement, two MYRKL capsules should be taken with water, two hours before consuming alcohol.

Chris Oosthuizen, MD of Imperial Market Access Healthcare, the importers and distributors of MYRKL, shared his excitement about introducing this sought-after product to the South African market: “MYRKL represents a game-changer in the realm of well-being. We are delighted to offer adults in South Africa a product that has already gained international acclaim for its effectiveness in combatting the unpleasant effects of alcohol consumption.”

Consumers can purchase their sachet of MYRKL from leading retail pharmacies across South Africa, as well as online from takealot. Recommended selling price is R59.95 for a single-use sachet with 2 capsules, R179 for 3 sachets with 2 capsules in each or R1 498 for a box of 25 sachets with 2 capsules in each.

For more information go to:

About MYRKL:

References: 1 Pfützner A, Hanna M, Andor Y, Sachsenheimer D, Demircik F, Wittig T and de Faire J. Chronic Uptake of A Probiotic Nutritional Supplement (*AB001) Inhibits Absorption of Ethylalcohol in the Intestine Tract – Results from a Randomized Double-blind Crossover Study.
Nutr. Metab. Insights. 2022;15:1-5. *AB001™ is a mix of proprietary high performing bacteria enriched with L-cysteine.

About Imperial Market Access Healthcare: Imperial Market Access Healthcare is a leading importer and distributor committed to bringing innovative health and wellness products to the South African market. With a steadfast focus on quality and effectiveness, the company aims to enrich the lives of consumers by introducing cutting-edge solutions to meet their health needs.