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Mission to promote SA packaging design and supply

Raphaely’s rationale for this new enterprise: “Quite simply I felt there was a need for a more proactive, focused and energetic voice in the industry of packaging design and supply,” he says.

“I’ve struggled in the past to find a single, credible source of information to find the best suppliers. On top of that, having produced something beautiful with NoMU, we were unimpressed with the available alternatives for competition to showcase and profile our products. There was nowhere we felt that was open enough to allow small AND big players to compete evenly.”

To solve these problems, he has launched The Lucky Budgie as a professional and ‘well-purposed’ space for role players in packaging design and material supply to get the sort of attention and reward they deserve; for work “that is great and based on quality, merit and genius before all else”.

What does The Lucky Budgie offer?

Any submissions to its Daily Showcase are free-to-post, where work can be exposed and then showcased 100% for FREE.

“This can be done as often as brand owners or designers like, for brands and products, big or small,” says Raphaely.

There will be monthly events called ‘The Bullet Budgies’ to network, educate and inform on topical, important issues in the industry.

He also plans to publish a compendium of the ‘Best Of’ the year’s work called ‘Budgie Birdsong‘, while the Lucky Budgie Awards at year-end to properly reward outstanding work, in multiple categories!

Finally, The Lucky Budgie Directory offers a competitively priced environment for designers and suppliers to list their services, directly to their exact audience.

“The Lucky Budgie is about packaging and everything to do with that – all the insight and knowledge located in one spot. We want innovation, cleverness and originality. Let us sing about your products and services!” chirps Raphaely.

You can get in touch on chirp@luckybudgie.co.za and visit The Lucky Budgie on www.luckybudgie.co.za

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