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Heineken Silver comes to SA

Heineken has launched its latest global beer innovation, Heineken Silver, lower in alcohol, in South Africa.

“Crafted for a new generation to enjoy, it is an easy-to-drink, extra-refreshing 4% beer designed to be more accessible, for more consumers,” goes the PR.

Launching in South Africa on June 1 – after first launching in the UK in March 2022 – the new offering is claimed as a first on the Africa continent. “This addition to the Heineken portfolio brings an unparalleled level of crispness and smoothness, offering both beer enthusiasts and a host of new fans a premium taste experience like no other,” the company adds.  

“The innovation behind Silver, is one of the most significant innovations over the past 150 years of the Heineken brand, and is set to captivate a younger audience that seek a beer that not only satisfies their taste buds but also aligns with their desire for moderation and style.”

As other commentators have observed, with a lighter profile for this new beer Heineken is likely not only taking aim at a demographic that’s new to beer drinking, but also those who are increasingly looking for more health-conscious and guilt-free options.

Marcel Swain, head of marketing at Heineken, expressed his pride in introducing this innovative alcoholic beverage to Africa, where beer culture is vibrant and ever-evolving. “Through distinctive the taste of Heineken Silver, we invite our consumers to savour the perfect blend of crispness and smoothness, crafted exclusively for their enjoyment.

“This refreshing lager – brewed using an ice-cold process at -1°C – is the first of its kind to be introduced on the African continent, showcasing the brand’s commitment to pushing boundaries and continuous innovation.

“In essence, by bringing the new brew to South African shelves HEINEKEN Beverages aims to cater to the diverse market in South Africa while recognising the immense potential for the product to grow in the African market.

By comparison, Castle Lite has only 2g net carbs per 330ml bottle…

“What truly sets Silver apart is its unparalleled smoothness, providing a truly elevated drinking experience and through a distinctive brewing process, this refreshing beer achieves an extraordinary level of crispness that tantalises the taste buds with each sip.

“This year marks a significant milestone – the incredible 150 year celebration of the Heineken brand – it’s only fitting that we launch Heineken Silver in celebration of our birthday.

“This new offering presents our unwavering commitment to delivering exceptional quality and an unmatched taste experience to our consumers. We know our customers will love the new addition to the family” says Swain.

The 4% premium lager will be available nationwide, ensuring all beer lovers can find it at their favourite bars, restaurants local liquor stores.

For further information about Heineken Silver and its availability, visit:

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