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Heineken 0.0 draught launches in the UK

Alcohol-free beer will be widely available on tap in UK pubs next year – here’s why….

Heineken claims to have solved the yeast conundrum making draught no and low brews impossible until now.

The brewer believes that by 2025 the number of draught Heineken 0.0 taps in UK pubs will match that of its alcoholic alternative.

Heineken has come up with a way of stopping yeast from growing in the alcohol-free beer taps, resulting in a widespread launch of alcohol-free draught beer taps across the UK in January.

Alcohol-free beer has until now been predominantly sold in bottles and cans. The problem with draught No-Lo pints being that natural yeast from the beer lines can make its way into the beer, turning the tipple alcoholic in the keg.

Several years ago Heineken trialled a countertop keg system in a number of UK pubs and bars, which received positive feedback. But the brewer  had failed to come up with a solution to a widespread launch of alcohol-free beer using a pub’s own keg lines until now.

Five years of research has led to the company’s discovery that keeping the cellar equipment cooled to between 0°C and 2°C yeast can be prevented from growing. In contrast, Heineken’s standard lager, at ABV 5%, is stored at 3°C to 6°C.

The brewer told The Sunday Times that by 2025 it predicts there could be as many Heineken 0.0 Draught taps in British pubs and bars as there are standard Heineken taps.

Draught is best

Willem Van Waesberghe, Heinken Global Master Brewer said: “Draught is the best way for me to enjoy a beer that I’ve brewed, you have the ritual of the pint being poured, the delicious anticipation of watching the bubbles rise and the inviting foam on top, all of this feeds into the taste.

“I’m incredibly proud of what we’ve achieved here. Once again we’re leading the way when it comes to innovating and moving the beer category forward. Heineken 0.0 draught is going to play a big part in changing the way people drink.

“For me and my team, one of the primary areas of focus, as always, is taste. The draught beer tastes great, just like an original pint of Heineken – and it has all the sensory aspects beer drinkers look for – a bright white head, lively carbonation and the distinctive famous Heineken taste.”

Heineken UK corporate affairs director, James Crampton, believes the product to be a “game-changer” that will bring no and low alcohol beer from the periphery into the mainstream.


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