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Glenlivet innovates with alcohol-infused capsules

The Glenlivet has re-imagined the experience of enjoying their product by creating alcohol-infused capsules made from seaweed.

The innovation basically does away with the need for a glass, a cocktail stirrer, the option of sipping your beverage and any chance of faking a cool bar demeanour.

It pretty much makes drinking an expensive whisky the same as slurping an oyster.

Comments South African futurist, Jonathan Cherry: “Not entirely sure I’m ready to raw-dog a packet of expensive booze down my throat, but this does make me wonder why road running race organisers are not ensuring that the water sachets, that tend to litter the street long after the runners and galloped their way through, are not also made from seaweed instead of plastic?

“Race organisers? Here’s a great, Earth-saving idea thanks to Glenlivet. Make mine a double why don’t you.”

Source: Cherryflava.com

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