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“Gizmo” bottle cap technology gets first commercial launch

For Tea of a Kind, its all natural flavours, real brewed tea, and powerful antioxidants are tucked safely away in the Gizmo’s pressurized nitrogen chamber cap, keeping them fresh without the use of chemical preservatives. The chamber defends them against things like UV light, oxidation and other damaging conditions that degrade nutrients in most pre-mixed beverages.

Once the cap is twisted, the ingredients burst into the bottle and self-mix, creating a colour change and a visual confirmation that the drink is fresh and ready to consume.

Tea of a KindTea of Kind marks the first application of the Gizmo technology by Gizmo Beverages, run by the duo of founder & CEO, Don Park, and co-founder & president, Walter Apodaca.

It was Park who discovered the first incarnation of the Gizmo. Brainstorming off the simple idea that he could use it to mix fresh lime juice into beer, he immediately recognised the potential of the design in the beverage industry. Don appointed Walter Apodaca as President in 2010, drawing on his expertise from a 20-year career in the beverage industry.

Apodaca, who had worked his way up from loading beverage trucks to become an Executive with Coca-Cola Enterprises, Coors Brewing Company and MillerCoors, realised right away the vast potential for the Gizmo technology. He compares it to the revolutionary impact the aluminum can had on the beverage industry.

“I’m a part of something that transcends technology and our generation,” Apodaca explains. “We’ll feel proud to have brought great tasting, healthy, all natural, preservative-free options to the market.”

Both Park and Apodaca struggled with serious illnesses that were a direct result of a poor diet including sugary soft drinks and fast food. Through a commitment to dietary mindfulness, healthy choices, and elimination of chemically processed foods, both were able to steer their health back on track. This amplified their commitment to make Tea of a Kind all natural, and also to ensure that any future licensing applications for the Gizmo are in line with the Gizmo Beverages “moral compass”.

“The commitment comes from a desire to enrich the next generation, not poison them blindly!” laughs Park. “I know I can give this drink to my kids and feel good about it. That is what keeps me excited,” he continues. “It’s good for you and it’s good for me. That’s the goal.”

See more about Tea of a Kind at It will also be sold at Whole Foods across the US later this year.

See how it works on these YouTube videos: