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Food Matters Live 2017 Awards spotlight new cold concentration technology

Innovation focused food expo/congress, Food Matters Live 2017 ran over three days in London this week. Winner of the Best Food and Drink Processor Technology at its inagural awards this year is an intriguing new/old technology; engineered osmosis; a cold concentration technology that ensures total preservation of the product both in terms of sensory profile and bioactivity.

The Food Matters Live event showcases how food and drink innovators from across retail, foodservice and manufacturing are responding with cutting-edge innovation to meet consumer demand for healthier, better-for-you, convenient food to suit today’s busy lifestyles.

evapEOs technology, developed by French company, Ederna, perfectly fits these parameters.

Says the company:

The demand for natural and healthy products is strongly increasing, as is the liquid concentrate and enhancer market. However, avoiding product degradation during the concentration stage is difficult using current thermal processes.

evapEOS’s technology of cold concentration is an ideal vector to create new high value-added products from natural sources.

Operating at ambient temperature and pressure, it guarantees the preservation of the natural properties while offering high yields, reduced costs, low energy consumption, increased safety. These characteristics result in a highly competitive process.

Adopting Ederna’s patented evapEOs technology will allow companies to develop new, high quality products (new flavour, aroma, colour or health-benefiting ingredients) while cutting down their production costs and improving their public image thanks to the enviro-friendly nature of the technology. 

Products with proven benefits from concentration with evapEOs technology include fruit and vegetable juices, dairy and fermentation products, plant extracts and algae.

Engineered Osmosis Video Introduction – Part 1

Engineered Osmosis Video Introduction – Part 2

Some beverage applications:

Coffee flavour:

Coffee concentration experiments with the evapEOs process were compared with thermal evaporation.

Analytical measurements found that 85% of coffee flavour compounds were preserved with evapEOs vs 35% with thermal evaporation. 

Bergamot juice concentrate:

Bergamot is a citrus fruit, well known for its unique, intense aroma and flavour. Juice extracted from the fruit was concentrated from 12°Brix to 60°Brix using evapEOs Forward Osmosis at 20°C and vacuum evaporation at 60°C.

Independent sensory analysis laboratory found the olfactory profile of the concentrate from evapEOs was not significantly different from the initial bergamot juice, contrary to thermal evaporation. More info here.

Strawberry juice concentrate:

Strawberry flavour, easily identifiable, is complex as the characteristic aroma of a fresh strawberry.

The juice extracted from the fruit was concentrated from 9°Brix to 60°Brix using evapEOs Forward Osmosis at 20°C and vacuum evaporation at 60°C.

Independent sensory analysis laboratory found that the sensory profile of the concentrate produced was very close to that of the initial strawberry juice, contrary to the result achieved by standard concentration. More info here.

Beer and other alcoholic beverages:

Consumers are turning towards healthier food and drink options, thus non-alcoholic beer is becoming a trend and gaining traction on a global level. evapEOs is the ideal innovative solution for the dealcoholisation of beer while preserving the real taste.

See more on beverage-related applications here…

Source: Ederna

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