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Fitch & Leeds Moments

Fitch & Leedes debuts new sodas & mocktails

Nice, on-trend NPD from Chill Beverages – the launch of “Classics” and “Moments”, new ranges of soft drinks and mocktails under its Fitch & Leedes brand that should find lots of takers with today’s growing trend to ‘nolow’ drinking.

Classics comprise “cherished retro favourites”:

  • Classics Ginger Beer has the authentic fiery kick of ginger spice;
  • Classics Passionade is a modern twist on passionfruit and lemonade;
  • Classics Lime Twist is a refreshing take on lime and soda;
  • Classics Rock Shandy is the beloved Irish mix of soda, lemonade and bitters with a dash of allspice.

Moments vintage mocktails are a non-alcoholic alternatives that should find lots of takers with today’s growing trend to ‘nolow’ drinking:

  • Moments Blushing Mimosa is the perfect stand-in for this popular sparkling wine and orange juice classic, with an added shot of cranberry.
  • Traditionally made with ginger ale and pomegranate juice topped with maraschino cherries, Moments Shirley Temple is a remake of this Hollywood classic in honour of the famous child star of the 1930s. “Savour the creamy taste of raspberry sherbet of this lightly sparkling mocktail,” says the PR.
  • Moments Pink G&T plays to the time-honoured gin and tonic with bitter citrus notes of juniper berries melded with fresh cucumber and fragrant rosewater.
  • Moments Island Fish Bowl is a tropical burst of coconut and the sweet-bitter citrus taste of blue curaƧao liqueur.

Fitch & Leedes Moments & Classics collections are available at leading stores from R9.99 per 300ml can for Classics and R59.99 per 6-pack, while Moments sell at around R12.99 per 300ml can and R79.99 per 6-pack.

For online purchases visit

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