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Drinktec 2013 proves massive success

 In terms of the international scope of drinktec 2013, the show again ventured into new dimensions, over and above the already high level achieved in 2009.

The number of visitor countries rose from 172 to 183. The proportion of visitors from outside Germany rose again, from 57 to 62 percent. There was a noticeable growth in visitor numbers from overseas, in particular from Asia and the US. The number of visitors from Japan doubled to 1,170.


A total of 1,779 visitors (+16%) came from the US, making this country fourth in the visitor rankings. China, from which 1,423 visitors (+45%) came, achieved seventh place. The figures for Thailand, too, were a surprise: 586 visitors came from this country, a rise of 71 percent.

In the overall ranking of countries of origin among the visitors, Italy was first with 4,418 visitors, and Russia second, this showing a strong 112-percent increase in visitor numbers to 2,095. Switzerland was in third place, with a 32-percent rise in numbers to 1,930. Also among this top ten were Great Britain, Austria, France, Belgium and Japan.

This makes drinktec a truly world-spanning event, pointed out by Dr Reinhard Pfeiffer, MD of Messe München: “The fact that around one third of the trade visitors from abroad came from overseas is highly impressive. drinktec has thus further consolidated and further expanded its status as the world´s most important meeting place for the beverages sector.”  

Many exhibitors reported doing good business at the show – exploring options, discussing new business, working out the fine details and even signing contracts during the five days of the event. Following a number of difficult years, it is now clear from this show that the sector is moving forward again and that there is an increasing willingness to invest. In a survey of the exhibitors at the show.

84 percent described the current economic situation in the sector as “excellent to good”; four years ago only 48 percent were able to be so positive.

For Volker Kronseder, Board Chairman of Krones AG and President of the drinktec Advisory Board, the signs were already promising ahead of drinktec 2013: “Because of this background of rising demand, we came to this event with high expectations. And we were not disappointed!”  

Richard Clemens, MD of the VDMA Food Processing and Packaging Machinery Association, stressed the importance of drinktec for the exhibiting companies: “drinktec is the ‘World Summit’ for the beverages sector. Companies large, small and medium-sized – all were more than delighted with the quality and number of the trade visitors here.”  

Spectacular machinery parks  

A whole host of exhibitors really pulled out all the stops for their presentations, and indeed some of the booths impressed with spectacular architectural designs. The top players in the sector installed extensive machinery parks – an exciting and exhilarating display that delighted the visitors who had travelled from far wide for this event.

World premieres were on show at many booths. Behind closed doors, in exhibitor´s offices and VIP lounges, business was being discussed and orders signed.

The key themes at drinktec 2013 were energy-saving, variety, flexibility and safety. In the spotlight were cost-effective and sustainable solutions for process optimisation.

There was also a special focus on innovative packaging solutions that use as little packaging material as possible. Another trend theme was digital direct printing on bottles.  

Top marks from exhibitors and visitors  

The satisfaction of the exhibitors and visitors is reflected also in the surveys conducted among these groups by market researchers TNS Infratest.

89 percent of the exhibitors and almost all the visitors (98%) rated drinktec 2013 as “excellent to good”. Top marks came from the exhibitors in particular for the quality (92% “excellent to good”) and international spread (94% “excellent to good”) of the trade visitors.

In terms of what they thought of the current economic situation, 62 percent of the exhibitors believed that things are likely to improve still further going forward. The visitors, too, gave drinktec 2013 top marks in practically all the categories. Almost all drinktec visitors (97%) rated the breadth and depth of the range on show, and their success in reaching the exhibitor groups of interest to them as “excellent to good”.

97 percent were successful in paving the way for new investments, 89 percent in searching for new products and innovations. The supporting program was also well received, and rated as “excellent to good” by an average of 90 percent of the visitors.

Source: Messe München