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Distell issues wine recall for glass contamination

According to a Distell statement, “no consumer complaints have been received and expert medical opinion has confirmed that ingestion would be harmless”.

Distell has isolated the cause to a small proportion of 750ml bottled wines produced on a single bottling line at its Bergkelder facility. The problem has since been rectified.

“This production line represents 4% [a surely significant figure considering its huge volumes? Ed] of Distell’s total wine production and the incident rate of these particles was less than 0.01%.

“We are working with our agents and customers to implement a targeted trade recall of specified batches and are consulting with the relevant authorities,” says the statement.

Wine lots affected are those bottled from 1 August 2014 to 18 May 2015, but the company has not said which brands are affected.

“Product quality and customer safety are integral to all that we do at Distell and even though we are assured that there is minimal risk to consumers, we are recalling and replacing the specific batches of bottled wines,” said Richard Rushton, Distell MD.

Consumers who have any queries in this regard can call the Distell Call Centre on 0861 600 600, email: [email protected], or visit