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Debut for Distell’s Mainstay line extensions

“Realising that the strategic imperative of Mainstay to compete successfully in a market driven by aspiration and brand appeal, we launched Mainstay 54 Island Vodka and Mainstay Fusion, firmly positioning Mainstay as a young, free-spirited, adventurous, international premium white spirit,” says the company.

With 54 degrees of pure spirit, and packaged in a striking azure blue bottle to help create an island iconography embodying tropical purity, white sand beaches and blue oceans, Mainstay 54 Island Vodka is available through all major retail outlets.

Mainstay 54 Island Vodka is made using a five-column distillation process.

“Sun-ripened molasses and island fruits are selected. These contain the simplest sugar that allows for a clean conversion to alcohol, allowing no impurities to remain. This purity translates onto the palate, where the viscosity and flavour work together in harmony, to enhance the experience as being something out of the ordinary,” says Kurt Hermanus, the SA brand manager for the Mainstay portfolio.

“Besides allowing people an opportunity to mix and enjoy the versatility of Mainstay 54, there are those of us who are a little more free-spirited, who appreciate a slightly more adventurous flavour; and for them, we have produced the infused island vodka range, inspired by island fruits, nuts and spices,” adds Hermanus.

The Mainstay Fusion Range consists of three variants, these include; Mainstay Exotic Fusion: a blend of coconut, coffee and vanilla; Mainstay Tropical Fusion: a blend of mango and other tropical fruits; and Mainstay Island Fusion: a hint of hazelnuts and spices.

The former retails at a recommended retail price of between R129.99 and R149.99 per 750ml bottle, while the Fusion range has an RSP of between R129.99 and R139.99 per 750ml bottle.