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Cottle can

Crown Bevcan débuts new can shape and digital marketing solution

The Cottle has sleek body, but narrows at the top of the can. It can be used with a traditional tab end or with Crown’s 360 full aperture end where the entire lid can be removed when the beverage is drunk.

Matt Twiss, marketing and business development director for Crown Bevcan Europe and Middle East, says that differentiation is as important as ever for beverage brands.

“What we’ve identified is the fact that brand owners out in the market place are really looking for some differentiation. Consumers love cans, but there’s also a move towards having different packaging formats in place.

“What we’ve seen is a huge variety of different opinions, that can range from whether or not it would be more suitable for carbonated soft drinks or energy drinks or maybe beers and lagers, or whether a 15cl application rather than a 33cl, or maybe a 25cl.

“There’s a huge variety of different opinions and that’s the reason why we wanted to come and show the product here, to try garner some views and market feedback to try and understand from a consumer perspective and but also a brand perspective, what does the market really want.”

The Cottle with Crown’s 360 full aperture end would appeal to craft brewers, as its design encourages the beer’s aroma to emerge from the can.

However, the interest is not limited to brewers, notes Twiss. “What we’re seeing now is more and more carbonated waters, and also non-carbonated drinks, where the aroma of the product is essential in relation to the taste.”

SmartcanAnd introducing CrownSmart…

Building a brand in a digital age requires versatility, connectivity and above all, interaction with target markets – and Crown Bevan has come up with a new solution for this in CrownSmart.

Via its enabling technology, CrownSmart gives brands instant access to crucial consumer behaviour, allowing them to anticipate trends, understand their market, interact with consumers and ultimately, increase their market share.

As well as bringing purchasing behaviour information to brands’ marketing teams, the unique codes, located on the underside of a can’s opening tab, can be utilised for many promotional purposes, such as gaming, multimedia, social networking, loyalty activity and instant prize giveaways – or even for gathering survey information.

In fact, with billions of unique codes available, the possibilities for brand owners are as infinite as the can itself.

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