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Coca-Cola changes face of digital print

After an initial run in Australia, the European extension required the generation of 150 names in each of 32 countries. This was achieved using a combination of HP Indigo presses and conventional print.

Amberley Adhesive Labels is one of eight European digital printers that worked on the project, with 18 conventional label converters. MD Trevor Smith said: “It’s raised digital printing – specifically personalisation – to a far higher level. It’s surprising marketing departments didn’t come up with this sort of idea earlier.”

At brand consultancy Pearlfisher, which was not part of the project, realisation director Shaun Jones argued that it was a very brave move for such a big brand. He said: “This sort of concept can create disruption in a crowded, noisy marketplace. Big brands have all sorts of opportunities open to them, as long as they’re brave enough to embrace them.”

Internationally, there is little doubt that this application has done most to shift attitudes to digital, both in terms of finished product and consumer outcomes.

“Up until fairly recently, digital print was seen as a service, making things quicker but not necessarily better,” said Jones. The perception was that quality and achievable volumes were not comparable with conventional print.

In fact, according to Amberley, control of quality is much easier with digital than with conventional technologies. Many of the toughest challenges, said Smith, were around logistics and the co-ordination of such a large consortium of printers…..

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