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Chateau Del Rei bubbly in a can

Stellenbosch’s Chill Beverages has launched into the alcoholic arena with Chateau Del Rei, is a new sparkling wine conveniently packaged in a can.

The bubbly is made primarily of Chenin Blanc grapes with a dash of intense Muscat for extra fruitiness.

Chateau Del Rei is lightly sparkling and naturally sweet, with its low alcohol content of 7%. It’s thus described as “fruity and vibrant” and “an easy-drinker”.

Consumers will find new Chateau Del Rei at trendy city hang-outs as well as leading stores retailing at a RSP of R74.99 for a 6-pack or R13.99 per can.

>Wine in cans still represents only a few percentage points of the global market, but sales have exploded in the past few years in many countries.

Canned wine has been marketed primarily for summer, because of its portability and, well, maybe also the ability to disguise what you’re drinking in public places. Wine bottles are conspicuous on the beach and elsewhere, after all.

Cans are ideal for fresh, unpretentious wines, such as rosé. And they have aided the return of wine coolers and spritzers, low-alcohol wine-based beverages that are also on a big growth curve. 

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