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Ceres says ciao to plastic straws

Ceres Fruit Juices is getting into the reducing-plastic-waste act and is introducing paper straws for some of its packs.

Plastic waste management is a growing concern across the globe, with plastic drinking straws identified as a major contributor to this problem.

Martin Neethling, PepsiCo Sub-Saharan Africa chief marketing officer, explains, “A major challenge with plastic straws is that they are too lightweight to make it through the mechanical recycling sorter and therefore difficult to recycle.

“The only way to tackle this problem is to move away from plastic straws altogether. Hence Ceres’ introduction of eco-friendly straws for some of our juice packs.

“Effective September 2021, all Ceres 200ml packs will migrate from plastic straws to paper straws. Ceres believes that there is an opportunity to change how the world produces, distributes, consumes, and disposes of packaging in order to tackle the shared environmental challenges we face.”

He adds that this development speaks to PepsiCo’s dedication to constantly evolve its product portfolio in order to contribute to a more sustainable global food system, and to inspire people to make choices that are better for them and the planet.

Neethling adds that we are all aware that the pollution of our oceans is a contributor to climate change, a challenge which has been described as the greatest of our generation.

“Corporates need to stand up and make a change. We cannot wait for tomorrow,” he concludes.

Ceres Fruit Juices, South Africa’s innovative fruit-juice beverage brand owned by Pioneer Foods, is set to launch a new packaging for its 200ml juice to meet the changing demands and lifestyle of the consumers.

New carton investment

In late 2019, the company announced an investment of R100m into the SIG Combismile, an on-the-go packaging solution and the first-of-its-kind packaging in the Middle East and Africa region (MEA).

The carton has a curved, modern shape which is easy to grip, increasing the drinking comfort and convenience of consumers.

It is also re-closable with its innovative single-action spout having two straw hole sizes for both small and large footprints as well as different straw types.

In addition to offering added value in convenience and differentiation, the new pack is made from sustainable plant-based packaging.

About Ceres: Ceres Fruit Juices is the largest fruit juice packaging operation in Africa, with a first-class manufacturing facility and presence in five continents. In 2020 Ceres joined the PepsiCo family through the acquisition of Pioneer Foods by the global food and beverages company.